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Rum Expert: Robert A. Burr
International Rum Expert Robert Burr

As a leading rum expert, Robert Burr can talk about rum for seven minutes without taking a breath.

World traveler, writer, rum judge and publisher of the Rob's Rum Guide, Robert has been collecting and evaluating rums from many countries for decades. His video reviews on the Rum Minute YouTube Channel offer succinct and enlightening information about many fine rums.

Robert's extensive collection of fine rums is always growing and he enjoys the discovery of new and outstanding products.

Rum Expert Panel

As a judge in many international rum competitions, Robert also organized a group of rum judges from around the globe as the RumXPs (International Rum Expert Panel). Their RumXP tasting competition has become the most respected competition in the world, featuring the finest group of renowned rum judges ever assembled.

Rum Events

Together with his wife and son, they host the annual Rum Renaissance Festival, the largest gathering of rum experts, producers, importers, distributors, retailers, professionals and rum enthusiasts in the world. They also host the Rum Renaissance Caribbean Cruise, an adventure for rum enthusiasts to visit distilleries and rum shops on many islands.

Robert travels extensively to attend and participate in rum festivals in many countries, where he often serves as a VIP judge in rum tasting and cocktail competitions. He also makes frequent visits to rum distilleries to increase his knowledge of the processes of rum distillation, maturing and blending. He serves as a consultant to numerous rum bars, restaurants, venues and brands in the United States and beyond.

Robert organizes special events featuring the best master blenders and distillers of rum in the world. His Legends of Rum gatherings bring these legendary masters of rum together for exclusive tasting events at top-tier spirits events around the world.

Private Rum Tastings

Organizations that wish to host a private rum tasting experience for their members and guests can contact Robert Burr as an expert guide and host.

Miami, Florida, USA

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