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RumXP: John Gibbons

John Gibbons is an independent spirit ambassador, cocktail enthusiast and rum fanatic.

John travels the world in search of interesting rums and exciting drinking establishments -- sampling and collecting unique spirits, ingredients, and experiences along the way. Rum has always been his spirit of passion and he always has a few hundred in his collection for reference -- and because you never know when you will need just the right one for an occasion.

After moving to the UK in 2010, he worked at The Tiki Bar and Kitsch Inn in Glasgow and started the monthly Glasgow Rum Club and a review website, Cocktail Cloister.

John began judging for international rum tasting competitions in 2010 for the Ministry of Rum in San Francisco and has since joined the internationally recognized RumXPs and judged for Rum Renaissance Festival (2012, 2013), German Rumfest (2012, 2013), and the Caribbean Rum & Beer Festival in Grenada (2012).

Some interesting recently attended events include Beachbum Berry's and StanisLav Vadrna's Faux-Tropical Bar School in Ibiza (2011), Rum Experience University in Salobrena, Spain (2013), Boutique Bar Show London (2013), Boutique Bar Show Glasgow (2012), Cocktails in the City London (2013), London Cocktail Week (2011,2012,2013), Caribbean Rum & Beer Festival in Grenada (2012), UK Rumfest (2011,2012,2013), Bar Convent Berlin (2011,2012,2013), German Rumfest (2011,2012,2013), Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans (2010,2011,2012), Imbibe Live! (2011,2013), Rum Renaissance Festival (2012, 2013), Glasgow's Whisky Festival (2011), Boutique Bar Show Edinburgh (2011), Ministry of Rum San Francisco Rum Festival (2010), and Ministry of Rum Chicago Rum Festival (2010).

Seeing how rum and spirits are made is as important as drinking them. In the interest of understanding more, visiting distilleries around the world is an important part of keeping knowledge fresh. Some recently visited distilleries include Angostura, St Lucia Distillers, Santa Teresa, Diplomatico, River Antoine, Westerhall, Grenada Distillers/Clark's Court, Ron Montero, Great Lakes Distillery, Madison's Old Sugar Distillery, Yahara Bay, Miami Club Rum, Glengoyne, Auchentoshan, Highland Park, Glenfiddich, Glenmorangie, Jameson, Sipsmith, St. George Spirits and Chartreuse.

Currently living in Malmo, Sweden and looking forward to the next adventure.

Glasgow, Scotland UK

Cocktail Cloister
Glasgow Rum Club