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RumXPs: Joe and Nicole Desmond

Joe and Nicole have been obsessed with rum for many years. Avid collectors, readers, researchers and travelers, Joe and Nicole continuously seek out experiences to educate themselves on all aspects of the history, styles, production and comparative evaluation of rum and sugar cane spirits.

They live in Manhattan where they maintain a collection of more than 150 fine rums and sugar cane spirits in the "Rhum Rhum Room," as their home bar is affectionately known. Their stockpile is believed to be one of the most extensive private collections in New York City.

Joe is also a passionate mixologist, with a particular fondness for classic rum-based tiki cocktails and traditional classic cocktails involving all spirits. Joe also shares his love of all things rum on several forums and is currently hosting a website, www.rhumrhumroom.com

Says Judge Joe Desmond of New York of the RumXP Blind Tasting Competition held annually at Miami Rum Renaissance Festival:

"The Miami Rum Renaissance brings together the finest panel of experts from around the world to evaluate multiple categories of sugar cane spirits in an unbiased environment. The professional execution of this multi-day blind-tasting competition, as well as the number of judges involved and the wide variety of their individual experiences as well-known spirits writers, world-renowned bartenders and bar owners, amateur collectors and other experts ensures that each spirit is thoroughly evaluated within its respective category and is the source of the prestige associated with the medals awarded at this festival."

Manhattan, New York

Rhum Rhum Room