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RumXP: Juan del Busto

Juan DelBusto is a rum collector who came interested in cane spirits at a young age due to his father and cousin's interest in fine rums long ago.

With a personal inventory of more than 300 different rums and almost 500 bottles, Juan suggests he's not done finding great rums.

Juan's passion is discovering and discerning rums from every region of the world. He has traveled extensively throughout the Caribbean region, Central and South America in search of rum knowledge and locally distilled products.

His collection includes many hard-to-find rums from Cuba, as well as the Philippines and India.

Says Judge Juan DelBusto of Miami of the RumXP Blind Tasting Competition held annually at Miami Rum Renaissance Festival:

"As an International Rum Expert I have had the opportunity to sample fine rums all over the world. At the Miami Rum Renaissance Festival, judges have the unique pleasure of evaluating new and established rums in a controlled environment. We then award the best of the best! It's great to gather with fellow rum experts from around the world in such a first-class event."

Miami, Florida

Rum Collector and judge