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RumXP: Ingvar Thomsen

Ingvar Thomsen is a rum and whiskey enthusiast living in Denmark -- known as "Rum Thomsen" by his friends -- working as a Software Development Project Manager.

Ingvar spends all his spare time on his hobby -- Rum -- over the past 40 years.

He has been hosting rum tastings since 2005 with increased interest every year, now exceeding 30 tasting events annually with up to 180 participants.

Ingvar writes about rum for the Danish "Whisky & Rum Magazine" which is published four times a year, with more than 80 pages. He is finishing his own 300 page book about rum in Danish. The title is "Rum -- From Slave Drink to Exclusive Drops."

Ingvar enjoys visiting Caribbean distilleries and has appeared on Danish television shows to speak about rum and rum festivals.

He is co-owner of the Rum and Whisky import/export company Mac Y and co-host of "The Danish Rum and Whisky Festival."

Copenhagen, Denmark


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Ingvar Thomsen <it@it.dk>