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RumXP: Bernhard Schäfer

Bernhard loves Spirits. He legal drinking age began 1983 (no talking about the illegal drinking age). Two years later he started to work as a Bartender (there were no mixologists at that time). Fifteen years later he changed sides of the Bar and is a now working as journalist on spirits and drinks as well as a respected lecturer for different spirits and companies.

Since 1997 he is a Spirit Judge at the IWSC; nowadays judging Spirits and Cocktails at different competitions in Europe, including the German Rum Festival in Berlin.

As he buys more than he drinks, his collection of spirits comprises about 900 bottles. Rum has still to be extended, but one must have goals in life.

Says Judge Bernhard Schäfer of Germany of the RumXP Blind Tasting Competition held annually at Miami Rum Renaissance Festival:

"In my opinion the big advantage of RumXP tasting is the mix of experienced judges from all over the World. This assures that the results are not biased by a cultural preference and gives the opportunity to exchange knowledge and experience. Therefore the Rum Renaissance Festival is top of the range!"

Nürnberg, Germany

Spirit Consulting
Member of the European Network of Spirits Experts - ENSE
Master of the Quaichn