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RumXP: Forrest Cokely

While working in the service industry Forrest has been the entertainment, waiter, bartender, cook, trainer, quality assurance inspector, barista in a variety of restaurants, cafes and bars.

He has been called upon to judge International Spirits competitions, Mixology competitions, Lead Workshops / Tastings / Trainings, Create Branded Cocktails/Beverages for Bars / Restaurants / Events / Fund-raisers / Parties / Competitions, Drink Menus, pairing menus and a bunch of other "stuff."

Forrest works as a liquor specialist by day at Hi Time Wine Cellars and writes the Monthly Spirits Page for the Newsletter. He also writes for other magazines, manuals and other super interesting things; is a Member of the Ministry of Rum Connoisseurs Cabinet, a Member of RumXP (Expert Panel) and participates on multiple Liquor / Spirits / Mixology / Bar Culture forums.

Forrest is a founding (board) member / Key-holder for The Orange County Bartenders Cabinet (OCBC); is a Society of Wine Educators Certified Spirits Specialist (C.S.S.); is Bar Smarts Certified and has a blog called 'A Drink With Forrest'.

As a child he knocked a pony over with one hit because it stepped on his foot...sorry Mr Pony.

Says Judge Forrest Cokely of California of the RumXP Blind Tasting Competition held annually at Miami Rum Renaissance Festival:

"Having had the pleasure of judging at several RumXP Tasting Competitions, I can say it is the most comprehensive group of select, experienced experts on Rum gathered to honestly evaluate this noble spirit I have ever seen. I am honored to be part of the RumXP, it is easily the most authoritative competition for rum in the world and the awards bestowed are certainly the most prestigious."

Costa Mesa, California

Hi Time Wine Cellars
A Drink With Forrest blog
Ministry of Rum Connoisseurs Cabinet
Society of Wine Educators Certified Spirits Specialist
Orange County Bartenders Cabinet
Bar Smarts Certified