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RumXP: Cyrille Hugon

Cyrille Hugon is one of the leading promoters of fine rum in France.

After Studying business, Cyrille travelled for 2 years in Asia, especially South Korea where he was in charge of a magazine for the French Chamber of Commerce.

As Marketing Manager for Dugas in Paris for more than 10 years, Cyrille developed a passion for rum while negotiating with brands from all over the globe.

He initiated a French rum festival named Rhum Fair in Paris 2012, which he co-organised for 2 years.

In December 2013, alongside Alexandre Vingtier, he launched Rumporter Magazine, a new project allowing him to combine his passions for photography, rum and journalism.

In 2014, he launched Rhum Fest Paris, a new festival inspired by the spirit of fiesta he has always enjoyed while visiting Ian Burrell's famous London Rum Fest.

Paris, France

RumFest Paris
Rumporter Magazine