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RumXPs: Peter and Pauline Holland

Peter found his way into rum after marrying into a West Indian family over 10 years ago. UK born Pauline, being partly of Barbados and St. Vincent extraction and very British in almost all other regards opened his eyes to the integration of rum in the very fabric of the Caribbean. Together they are realizing just how wide and varied the world of sugar cane spirits is: stretching beyond the Caribbean and fully around the globe.

With their popular blog, TheFloatingRumShack.com, this charming couple enjoy highlighting fine rums, sharing their joy of rum discovery and engaging in rum related events.

Their shared enthusiasm for the noble spirit is truly infectious. Keep an eye on the Floating Rum Shack site for lots of reviews, events, tidbits and cane spirit treasures.

They would like to consider themselves more than a little way down the road to rum nirvana although the road is long -- it’s going to be a very pleasurable journey.

near London, England

The Floating Rum Shack